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Clinics & Services


You will be asked the reason for your appointment by our highly trained reception staff, who will be able to best advise and direct your appointment to the most appropriate clinician. You may be signposted to another service such as the local pharmacy under the Common Ailments Service, cluster Physiotherapist for acute pain such as back and neck pain, cluster Mental Health Liaison Practitioner, Independent Prescribing Pharmacist or other services.

Appointments with both our GP's and practice nurses are being offered primarily face-to-face (this includes the majority of our annual health reviews) , however we do offer a selection of our appointments to be completed via telephone in line with patient preferences.

GP appointments

Appointments with a GP are requested and booked on the day by calling the practice between 8.00-9.30am. One of our friendly and highly trained receptionists will ask you for the reason for the appointment, so that you can be directed you to the most suitable clinician to deal with your problem. 

This appointment can be arranged as a face-to-face or telephone consult, according to your preference. 

An appropriate appointment with the most suitable clinician will be arranged for you, according to availability. Please be aware that with regards to telephone consultations, we are unable to give you a set time for these and your call will  either be during either our morning surgery (9am - 12pm) or our afternoon surgery (2pm - 6.30pm).

If you are asked to attend the practice, you will be given a specific time of attendance. Please ensure that you use the self check in on arrival and wait to be called by the clinician from our main reception.  Please not that if you arrive more than 5 minutes late for your appointment, you will be asked to rebook.


Pre-bookable appointments

A number of our appointments are available to pre-book by either calling one of our reception team after 11am, or booking directly via the NHS Wales App / My Surgery App service. These Apps have the functions to book appointments online, as well as ordering your repeat medications. 

Pre-bookable appointments can now be made for the following:

  • Pre-bookable test results discussion with GP/ ANP
  • Cytology (cervical smear)
  • Contraception eg. Depo, Implanon, IUD
  • Routine immunisations
  • Minor illness with nurse eg. infections, sore throat, skin conditions
  • Annual disease monitoring (following completion of the relevant questionnaire which you should receive by post
  • Medication reviews
  • INR Clinic and DMARD monitoring


Non-urgent Consultations

To request a non-urgent consultation, you can send your request via email (include full patient details eg. name, date of birth, and contact details along with the reason for consultation) to our email An appointment will be offered within 10 working days with the appropriate clinician, please note we are not always able to honour requests for a specific clinician which may be due to leave or regular days of work.


Annual Disease Monitoring & Routine Clinics

We offer annual disease monitoring for patients with chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Asthma and Hypertension. You will be sent an invitation the month of your birth to book your review, which will include a full review of your medications, with the appropriate clinician. You may be required to complete a blood test prior to your review, as stated in your letter. 

An Annual review is required for all patients with a chronic disease.

The practice will continue to invite patients for annual review during the month of birth. The invite may include a questionnaire to complete and return prior to your review. This will allow the clinician to review and send you a text to either advise that:

  • No further review is necessary as we have all the information we need to authorise issue of repeat medication for a further period of 6 to 12 months.
  • We will complete the reminder of your annual review virtually (either by a telephone or video call to avoid the need for you to come to the surgery.
  • We will need to complete the remainder of your annual review face2face. This is because we need to carry out physical elements to your review, e.g. check your blood pressure, which we cannot do without seeing you.

The review may include lifestyle, medication review to optimise the treatment of the condition, blood tests, urine samples and monitor for any complications.

Not all chronic diseases are reviewed by the doctors. The majority of reviews are more appropriately carried out by the practice Pharmacist, Advanced Nurse practitioner or the Practice Nurse. The reception team will book your appointment with the most appropriate clinician.

RESPIRATORY DISEASE CLINIC - by appointment (pre-bookable available)

Monday 5.00pm - 6.00pm
Tuesday 4.30pm– 5.30pm

Wednesday 9.45am - 10.45am

Thursday 4.30pm - 5.30pm

DIABETIC/STROKE/HEART DISEASE CLINIC – by appointment (pre-bookable available)
Tuesday Afternoon  (Face-to-face)

Thursday Afternoons (by telephone)

Friday Afternoons (Face-to-Face)
Nurse Practitioner


HYPERTENSION CLINICby appointment (pre-bookable available)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays at variable times.

All appointments are face-to-face, as a BP check is required.

Nurse practitioner


Clinics requiring surgery attendance

Some of our appointments require a surgery appointment as a physical aspect of your appointment will need to be completed, such as injections or examinations.

ANTE-NATAL (MIDWIFE) CLINIC - by appointment
Monday 1.00pm – 4.30pm

WELL BABY/CHILD HEALTH - by appointment
Tuesday/ Thursday morning - baby health check

Wednesday afternoon - health visitor check (alternating weeks)

Tuesday/ Thursday afternoons - childhood immunisations (by invitation)
GP/Practice Nurse

TRAVEL CLINIC - by appointment once a travel questionnaire has been completed 
Variable appointments during the week, due to demand
Practice Nurse
(If last minute vaccinations required (less than 4 weeks) please contact a private travel clinic.