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New Patients

Patients wishing to register must live within our catchment area. This includes those with a Barry or Sully address. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept patients living in Rhoose or Penarth, as per guidance from the Health Authority. Our practice boundary is shown below:

If you are unable to register with our practice as your address falls outside of our catchment area, visit the NHS Wales Directory to find available GP surgeries in your area.  


Should you live within the area of Barry or Sully, and wish to register with the Practice, a registration procedure and questionnaire can be obtained directly from reception at our practice, or downloaded from here:

Registration Procedure & Contract for adults (aged 16+)

Adult Registration Form

GMS1W Registration Form

Child (under 16) Registration Form

It is important that if you are a carer, or someone care's for you, that we are aware of this information. You may be entitled to additional support, or treatment such as inclusion into the annual Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programme. Click here to complete our Carers Identification Form, and simply return it to the practice in order for us to update your records accordingly.


Please follow the Registration procedures below:


  •  Complete the above Practice of Health Adult Registration Form and the GMS1W Registration Form. Both forms and ID can be emailed to
  • A copy of repeat prescription slip for your medications is required for our records.
  • A signed contract agreeing to our practice rules and procedures.
  • Your NHS number: This is a 10-digit number, like 485 777 3456. You can find your NHS number on most documents or letters sent to you by the NHS such as prescriptions, hospital letters, appointments letters. If you are still not sure we would advise you to contact your previous practice for your unique NHS number.
  • If eligible, we recommend that you please complete the Carers Identification Form to register that you are a carer.

Once the above documents and completed forms have been provided to to the practice you will be offered a registration health check appointment (currently completed via telephone). 

If you find that you are unable to attend the New Patient Health Check appointment for any reason, please telephone the surgery to re-arrange this appointment. It is important that you attend this initial appointment as a missed appointment will result in refusal to join the practice, as set out in the terms of the signed contract.


  •  Complete The Practice of Health Child Registration Form and the GMS1W Registration Form. Both forms and ID can be emailed to
  • Your NHS number: This can be found in your child's Red Immunisation book. 


Unfortunately there are circumstances which may result in a person being removed after registration and these are:

  • Violent/aggressive behaviour, both verbal and physical.
  • Damage to or theft from the practice premises.
  • Smoking or the consumption of alcohol/illicit drugs on the premises or attending in an inebriated state.
  • Inappropriate use of the emergency out of hour’s service.
  • Recurrent non-attendance of appointments (including New Patient Health Check).
  • Recurrent inappropriate requests for house visits.
  • Any other behaviour that significantly affect the Doctor patient relationship.


We have a Practice Policy to support the withdrawal of patients on the following medication: Diazepam, Temazepam, Nitrazepam and other related medication. This declaration is stated in our registration contract. 

Further information, e.g. how to see a Healthcare Professional, request a House Call or Telephone Consultation, can be found on the Practice Website or in the Practice Leaflet.